Issue 6 | March 31st, 1928
Another month has passed, and what a month it was. Things have been moving so fast, it’s hard to fathom how people are able to keep up. This month brought some tremendous changes, most of which will be listed below in great detail. However, if you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord, @ConnorSapphire#3981.

Jaye Elsweyr, our amazing modeler and beloved Head Staff member, has created countless amazing animated pets. These pets are not only extremely cute when following the player around, but they also have their own interactive animations. My favourite, by far, is the bowtruckle sticking out its tongue at its owner.
Jaye is constantly working on creating more fantastic pets for us, his most recent creations include the limited-edition Leprechaun and limited-edition Spring Puffskein. These adorable creatures are simply incredible to look at, and thanks to SirCodalot’s handiwork on our plugin, it’s up and working like a dream, despite still being in beta stage. Keep an eye out for more pets being announced!
Finally, hats have been released. Already, there are a range of beautiful hats to purchase, thanks to the work of Ashley and Jaye, and still more hats are in the works. This head gear is sure to make you the prettiest of all your friends. Best of all, if you’re ever unsure whether or not a certain hat will suit your skin, we have devised a way for players to preview the hat in-game. Simply logon to the plots server, type /hats and right click the hat you want to preview. Soon you’ll be able to see just how truly good looking you are with one of our hats.

If those previous two articles got your blood pumping, then now is the perfect time to visit the Rowling’s Realm store. Bradley just recently announced a 30% off sale, and already people have taken the opportunity to get their money’s worth. So, if you plan to buy anything anytime soon, now would be the perfect opportunity. Thank you to all of you that do decide to make purchases, and remember to contact us if anything goes wrong, we are here to make sure you get your money’s worth!
Professor applications are open once more, and we are looking for skilled individuals who have great research and writing skills. Though, most importantly, we are looking for applicants who are willing to put in the time to scour the internet for information on all sorts of aspects of the Harry Potter Universe.
This role is held in high esteem, and should be treated as such, while the staff team does have a lot of fun, please realize that when applying we are looking for serious Harry Potter fans that enjoy the work that will be required of them. Best of luck to all of you that have decided to apply! I can’t wait to see who ends up on the team.

This was announced quite a while ago, though it’s such exciting news that I’m sure none of you will mind me repeating it. A new trailer has been announced for release on the 22nd of April. While I wish I could say what the theme of the trailer will be, I have no idea myself. I can, however, say that once more Charles is working his magic to bring the builds to life. I’m sure we are all in for a treat and I personally can’t wait to see how well Charles goes with creating yet another trailer!