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It’s finally time for another Monthly Rowling’s Realm. A lot has happened this month, and Rowling’s Realm has made enormous progress. With the end of the year fast approaching, I’m excited to enter 2018 with all of you.

You can’t have a school without Prefects, students who stand proud and help everyone around them. For this reason, I’m happy to announce that finally Rowling’s Realm is hiring Prefects. This will be a staff role aimed at helping players on and off the server. Anybody wanting to apply for this position should be active on our Discord and Enjin site, not to mention friendly and welcoming to all other players.
Currently there are only a few Prefects, though their numbers are quickly growing as Rowling’s Realm gains more and more Trialists. In order to become a Prefect, players will have to go through a brief Trialist period. During this stage they must act like a Prefect, being respectful and helpful, and, therefore, we ask that players should treat them as such. This Trialist period is to ensure that all our Prefects are truly fit for the job.

As I’m sure you are all well aware, Rowling’s Realm has undergone yet another visual change. The Christmas update has rolled around. While it’s a bit late to be commenting on it, I would like you all to appreciate the hard work that goes into these monthly themes. From the specially designed logos and backgrounds to the carefully chosen music, each theme is carefully crafted for maximum effect. I know I always love to see how the Discord and Enjin site has been changed, I hope that everyone here shares my enjoyment of the monthly changes.
The Christmas Advent Calendar has brought many surprises. From joyous stories and pictures of the early Rowling’s Realm to sneak peaks of the server and store items. However, I think it’s fair to say that the best Advent Calendar was on the 18th of December. Those that have been paying as close attention to the Calendar as I have, know exactly what I’m talking about. While day 18 doesn’t show us any pictures of the server itself, it does reveal one incredibly important decision by the Head Staff. Something that has been argued about for months. This was the decision to make Rowling’s Realm free to roam, meaning that it will have no boundaries.
This is a massive announcement, and I can’t help but discuss it here. The implications of having a free world server are huge. It means players will be able to explore everything from detailed terrains to massive castles, without having to teleport and wait through a loading screen. Of course, it can be impractical to travel on foot everywhere, so, players will also have the option to Portkey to major places, such as cities and schools. I’m personally very excited to go on an adventure across the map without running into invisible barriers.

It has finally happened! The Question of the Day has been moved to its own personal channel, meaning the announcement channel will be free of distraction. This is great news for those who like to be a little less active, and only come onto our Discord to check for server news. However, for the time being, we will still be tagging everyone, though this may change in the future. I would, however, like to ask that you do not try and request for the change, it is already being considered.
Rowling’s Realm will always be a Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts server, though the Head Staff do like to dabble. After all, who doesn’t love Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Disney, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Lord of the Rings? However, it’s obvious Rowling’s Realm can’t mesh these into the server itself, so as a compromise, it has been decided that there will be special events to celebrate the success of these other fandoms.
I’m extremely excited to see builds from all these fandoms. The build team always does a wonderful job, and I’m sure they will exceed any expectations set for them regarding these events. I also have the utmost faith in Rowling’s Realm’s Lore Masters to entertain us with quests and fabulous storylines. I can’t wait for the events to start rolling out. Though, currently only the Head Staff know when that will happen.

The Rowling’s Realm store boasts a small range of Donation Packs, that will give players special privileges when the server opens. Included in these privileges is early access to the server. For all those who just perked up at the idea of being able to play on Rowling’s Realm quicker than they otherwise would, you’re in luck. Rowling’s Realm has gotten into the Christmas spirit and is reducing all prices by 50%, as long as you use the code from the Advent Calendar. The best thing about this is that all money gained through this store is put towards getting the server to you faster. I suggest you get in quickly, this sort of discount won’t be offered often.