On the 28th of October, Rowling's Realm was officially shut down.

The server and all of its files have been deleted. The map will not be released for download.
All funding which remained has been donated to the Lumos Foundation.
The previous Discord server is now associated by another name and offers a community for common gamers to socialize.
The website will remain open for the following month.

After two years of constant and on-going development, Rowling's Realm has officially shut down. The server was ultimately in a position where the development could no longer continue.

Being part of the entire journey, I would like to thank everybody who contributed towards the development of Rowling's Realm. When the server first began, Braden and I never expected for Rowling's Realm to grow into what it eventually became.

Those who supported the server since the start, those who contributed within the staff team, those who donated, and those who stayed part of our community, helped the growth and construction of Rowling's Realm.

Although the server clearly saw a drastic decrease in the player count after the opening, and although it was obvious that players weren't satisfied with the gameplay provided, Rowling's Realm fundamentally proved as a success.

Our original ambitions for the server were passed well before the launch. The concept of Rowling's Realm became far more than we ever imagined or intended.

Rowling's Realm will forever be a new era of magic.
Thank you for creating that.