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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rowlings Realm?Release

Rowling's Realm is a Minecraft server allowing users to explore the universe of J.K. Rowling unlike ever before, with a world built to an extraordinary extent.

On the server we will have 4 completely unique and individual schools, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny. During your time at your school, you visit classes taught by our trusted professors to earn yourself reward points that you can use to gain more spells. You can watch quidditch games between your school and other schools, or even become part of the quidditch team with a working broom, and actually play the fantasy sport. And of course, you can explore a gigantic world with no limits.

When is Rowlings Realm launching?Release

Rowling’s Realm is currently being worked on around the clock by our staff team. We would of course would love to open as soon as possible but we want to make the experience as magically close to perfection as we can. Because of this, we have not yet released a launch date. Please stay updated by keeping close tabs on our site and joining our Discord.

What is the Rowlings Realm IP address?IP

Rowling’s Realm is currently not open! We promise we will send an owl to your home when we are.

Will I get to choose my wizarding school?IP

You will be given the ability to take a quiz which will choose 1 out of 4 wizarding schools; Hogwarts, Ilvermorny, Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, for you to attend to and spend your school years at.

What is the Discord?Discord

The Rowling’s Realm Discord Server is a place for the community to interact and have fun in either a public message chat or voice chat, while also keeping up with important announcements!

How do I join the Discord?Discord

You can join the Discord server through the module tab on the main home page of the website!

What is Rowlings Realm Plots?Plots

RR:Plots is a creative plot server which allows you to build with your friends (or imaginary ones) while we wait for the opening of Rowling’s Realm. You will be able to purchase exclusive pets that will only be available while Rowling’s Realm is NOT open.

What is the Rowlings Realm Plots IP address?Plots

You can join Rowlings Realm Plots at

The resource pack won't download?Plots

1. Have you enabled your server resource pack? To do this click on the server and then go to “Edit” at the bottom and click either “Server Resource Packs: Prompt” or “Server Resource Packs: Enabled.” Click “Done” and you should be set. Try to log on again.

2. There may be an issue with your other resource packs. Try to check to see if you have another pack already on. Once you log onto the server hit “Esc” on your keyboard and go to “Options” Then go to “Resource Packs” and make sure the only one selected is the server pack “Rowlings Realm | Official Pack.”

3. It may be an issue with your other resource packs but you may have to remove all of those and put them in another folder on your computer and try to re-launch Minecraft without them in the .minecraft folder.

Can I download the resource pack manually?Plots

Unfortunately, no! The nargles stole the pack and won’t release it to us so we have to view it on the server.

I can't join the server?Plots

This could be for a few different reasons.
Initially, the main troubleshooting solution would be to check your version of Minecraft and ensure that it is 1.12.2 and/or check the respective IP. Next, if both are correct, check Mojang server status to ensure that multiplayer service is running. If all the above are correct and in good condition, the problem may be with your connection. If the problem persists, alert a staff member with a screenshot and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I claim a plot?Plots

Simply hop on to the plots server on Minecraft version 1.12.2 at and then find a plot that is unclaimed, noted by a stone slab border and use the ./plot claim command. Similarly, you could use the ./plot auto command to automatically claim and teleport you to said plot.

Why don't I have world edit?Plots

World Edit is something that is given only to donator ranks Silver and above (Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

How do I add people to my plot?Plots

Use the command ./plot add {user} to allow the player to build on your plot while you are online or you could use ./plot trust {user} to allow the other to build on the plot at any time.

How do I change the time of day in my plot?Plots

Use the command ./plot flag set time {time}.

How do I get pets?Plots

You can purchase pets via the donation store on the website. More pets will be added in the future.

How do I report a user?Plots

You can report a user by informing a Jr. Prefect or higher on the respective server.

What do staff do?Staff

A staff member’s role on the server depends on the position they hold. Every staff member strives to be helpful, kind, and professional when necessary. If you would like to know more about each individual staff role please visit the page,

Do staff get any awards/payments?Staff

Staff may get awards depending on the work they do and at the discretion of the Head Staff team. There are a few staff positions that may be offered monetary compensation but that will only be discussed with the individual staff member. Typically only our developers are paid.

What is the Order of Merlin rank?Staff

The Order of Merlin rank is an award presented to those who have contributed greatly towards the development of Rowling's Realm, commonly given to resigned Head Staff.

Where can I apply for staff?Apply

So you’re thinking about applying for staff, eh? Best of luck to you - you can apply here:

Why hasn't anyone responded to my application?Apply

Due to the busy nature of all Head Staff, it may take a bit of time before the respective leader may respond to your application. Don’t get disheartened, though! When they do respond typically the process becomes faster. The main advice is just to wait and just be patient.

Is there any free ways to get donations ranks?Donations

Yes! We often have drawings or competitions that you can find on our site or on our Discord. Keep an eye out for them!

Where does the money from donations go?Donations

Rowling’s Realm requires monetary donations to keep the server running. We have to pay the talented partners who work with us as well as pay the host to keep this magical server open. We promise that every donation we receive will be used with a purpose to progress the server.