As Hogwarts took hold of the wizarding community of the United Kingdom since 990 AD, it was accepted that this school of Witchcraft and Wizardry was to be the only one of attendance for a witch or wizard to properly learn with legitimate professors under the supervision of an ever-knowing Headmaster. However, around the year 1627, a certain wizard had decided that this wasn’t the route to take. This wizard’s name was Jarvis Malvern, a rather gifted wizard who had studied and excelled at Hogwarts school. A natural Ravenclaw, Malvern had begun to question the teachings of his professors within his Third Year and was consistent in his questioning and development of the discovery of Magical Theory. By his Sixth Year, he was developing a new way of teaching the spells that were required of them to learn that year. Unfortunately for him, he was kicked out of Hogwarts by the current Headmaster on the basis of blasphemy, or in other words, attempting to cause a mutiny amongst the professors.

Exiled and alone within a growing United Kingdom, Jarvis decided to hunker down at his house located near the countryside. Although he was cut off from a primary source of knowledge, he luckily had an accomplice within Hogwarts, Thea Luxellia. Miss Luxellia was, at this point, a close friend with Malvern and was one of his inspirations for delving into the actualities of Magical Theory. Due to her own capabilities, Thea was able to Apparate with books and course material for Malvern to study with her- granted it had to be on the weekends when Thea could flee to Hogsmeade, a then shabby town on the edge of Hogwarts. Studying more and more, developing a concentric understand of magic, Jarvis began to become more reclusive, almost shutting out his only friend and source of magical material. However, Thea was as unwavering as Phoenix Feather cores, and persisted in her visits. These meetings for magical tutoring then began to turn more into tea dates, and eventually dinner dates...

Many years later was the wedding of Thea Luxellia and Jarvis Malvern, a small but luxurious celebration consistent of close friends and family who supported the two in their declaration of love for each other, and for what they stood for. Together, the two had decided that they would start a small school, teaching only select witches and wizards within the United Kingdom with the education they deserved. Therefore, in the year 1662, the Malvern School was founded, and was based around the estate that the Malverns had built together using their magical capabilities. Their first year, however, was rather tough considering that they had only three students, (one of them being the Malverns’ child) and having no other extra professors to teach. Fortunately for them, after the three students were being exposed to extraordinary magic at such young ages, certain wizarding families caught hold of these rumors and decided to see if it was true. By their third year teaching, Malvern Estate was beginning to become too cluttered for its growing population. The Malverns then decided to mock its previously disgraced school and build a castle entirely out of magic, but in their own vision.

Although it was empty at first, Malvern School castle was built with an exuberance that seemingly radiated throughout the growing population of students and professors as well, almost to the point that caught the eye of Hogwarts. At one point in time, the unspoken rivalry became evident as a student from Hogwarts and one from Malvern had got themselves into a duel within a small village and ended up laying waste to many homes, all in the name of glory. Once word got back to the respective Headmasters, Jarvis Malvern, then 68 years of age, decided to finally face his past and headed to Hogwarts for talks of peace between the schools. Thea Malvern, too, wished to go but Jarvis knew he had to face this alone, as he didn’t want to die with any ill intentions.

At Hogwarts, Jarvis was faced with a warm welcome, only to face a rather brash Headmaster who continued to agree with his predecessor’s punishment for a 16-year-old Malvern. However, this did not afflict Jarvis to exert any force, as he continued with the peace talks to the point where the two parties eventually agreed to coexist and share material with each other, although the material would have to be approved by the Headmaster. Little did Hogwarts know, this was Malvern’s way of keeping track of any new magical content, since Hogwarts still obviously held a grudge against Malvern.

As time went on, and tensions rested between the two rival schools, Jarvis Malvern grew old and too frail to be teaching. He then retired with his beloved Thea and passed on the torch of Headmaster to their son, Byron, who kept his father’s ideology and teachings just as they were to him. Although many worried the fate of Malvern once Jarvis retired, Byron was more than capable of teaching and leading a school of many. It was up to him that decided to change the rather simple name of Malvern School to the Malvern Academy of Witchcraft, as an ode to his father once he had passed.

This torch of Headmaster was a flame that was to be cherished and revered simultaneously, even if it was specific to family heirs, whether it be the son or daughter of a descendant of Jarvis Malvern. Once Byron Malvern had retired, it was his daughter Evangeline that would take the reigns as Malvern’s first Headmistress, which was one of the more prominent points of Malvern as total truce was finally achieved with Hogwarts, even to the point of pardoning Jarvis Malvern and dedicating a brick to their reconstructed courtyard to him. In return, Evangeline Malvern dedicated a dormitory to Hogwarts.

However, as Evangeline Malvern grew older, she realized it was time to pass the torch to her son Jacques. Although his mother held high hopes for him, Jacques had little idea of the responsibility that was put upon his back, and had driven Malvern down a path that would lead near to the destruction of the institution as they knew it. Certainly, Jarvis was ahead of his time when he had drafted the official list of rules and responsibilities of the Headmaster (with the help of a Seer, of course). Through this list it declared that a Deputy Headmaster or Headmistress could, quite bluntly, overthrow the current leader should the fate of Malvern be compromised. It would incidentally be the wife of Jacques Malvern, Angela, who would remove Jacques from the premises of Malvern and decide to instate their son, Bradley, as acting Headmaster at the age of 24. Although Bradley was young, and the expectation of the staff of Malvern were that of the equivalent of his father, Bradley decided to act the opposite and ended up bringing the academy back to its prime, following the footsteps of Jarvis, Byron, and Evangeline Malvern.

At the year 1920, Bradley Malvern was fiercely bringing up his gifted students to be able to fight and defend against growing threats within the wizarding world, although in relative separation from the other major schools within Europe. Although Bradley has no overt hatred for Beauxbatons, Durmstrang or even Hogwarts, his focus lies with his students, making his reputation almost equal to that of his grandmother, who was later deemed Evangeline the Great. There is much in store for the current Headmaster, as he continues to repair and grow beyond what Malvern was, currently is, and what it has in store for its future...