Issue 8 | June 2nd, 1928
This new issue is the first issue that will ever have had more than one Editor working on it. It’s packed full of the latest information and news, and brought to you by Brooke Cunningham and Connor Sapphire. We hope you enjoy all that it entails and remember, if you want to get involved in the production of this newspaper and any other publications Rowling’s Realm creates, Editor applications are open right now!

Congratulations to our lovely new Head Staff members, John Francoeur (dwine) and SirCodalot! The two of them have done so much to help Rowling's Realm become the server it is today. These two people truly deserved the roles they were given and the responsibility that comes with these roles. It is simply fact, that they will do the best they can to make Rowling's Realm even better than it was before.

SirCodalot, also known as Shoham, has done an amazing job making the Development Department as amazing as it is now. He was promoted to Head of Server Development recently and so far, he has done a fantastic job. He is an amazing leader and someone that people can really look up to in regards to the Development Department within the server. Rowling’s Realm would not be possible without all of the Head Staff and now that SirCodalot is one of them, he will show his talent and endless potential by making this server incredible under his leadership. Congratulations SirCodalot, for your outstanding work and we are glad you’ve decided to dedicate so much of your time and skills to this server.

John, also known by his in-game name as dwine, was promoted to Assistant Head of Public Affairs. Before becoming the Assistant Head of Public Affairs, he worked under Bradley by moderating chat and enforcing the rules. He enjoys his work and has shown tremendous work ethic by making every department he’s ever been a member of the best it can be. We know that John will make a great addition to the Head Staff team, after all, he has done so much for the server already. He truly deserves this title. Congratulations John, with everything you have done for this server already, we know you will make this server grow to bold new heights.
Rowling’s Realm has recently changed their Question of the Day (QOTD) channel to the new QTP, or Questions, Trivia, and Polls, channel. This new system has allowed the server to focus on how Rowling’s Realm will function, giving Head Staff to ask the community for feedback on gameplay decisions they are forced to make. The QTP will include questions about the server, some occasional bits of fun Harry Potter trivia, and of course, polls that allow the community to vote on important ideas to help the server progress. All of the questions, trivia, and polls will strive to be interesting and fun to answer or partake in. So far, we’ve only seen questions about the wizarding schools, though there are a lot more interesting questions to come, as well as important polls, so stay tuned for notifications from the QTP channel in the future!

Niles has been hard at work recently figuring out the lore for all of the schools that will be available on opening. So far, he’s done an exceptional job. This newspaper has already happily reported his success in creating a compelling backstory for Malvern Academy and I’m excited to say that he’s extended the lore to include some of the more original J. K. Rowling’s schools such as Durmstrang, Beauxbatons and Ilvermorny.

The Durmstrang lore was a collaborative effort from Niles and Estelle. They worked hard to create a fun, entertaining backstory to explain not only Durmstrang’s history as a school of witchcraft, though also Ashley’s ascension to her current position as Headmistress of Durmstrang Academy.

On the other hand, Niles was the sole creator of both Ilvermorny’s and Beauxbatons’ lore, and I have to say he’s done a wonderful job! He explores both schools’ backstories in-depth and is never one to leave a plot-hole. While, Ilvermorny’s lore is more focused on the transition of the Headmasters/Headmistresses throughout the ages, it still alludes to the creation of the school through references of Isolt and James Steward. Beauxbatons’ lore also explains how John Francoeur managed to secure the role of Headmaster, as well as explaining how Beauxbatons Academy came to be in the first place.
It’s a great idea to check out all four lore documents that were posted in our Discord #announcements channel. They’re a great read and will help give you an idea of the difference between the schools. One thing’s for sure, you can really tell that Niles put a lot of love and care into the lore of every single school!

Bradley Malvern has finally explained how exactly events will be run on the server, and I’ve got to say it’s very exciting and sure to keep quite a few departments busy! To summarize, there will be Seasonal Events and Monthly Events. Seasonal Events will last the whole season, hence their name, and will be used to introduce other fandoms. Although Bradley has already admitted that he doesn’t want the lore to get out of hand, so the fandom introduction will be kept limited to what could make sense within the realms of the Harry Potter Universe. Builders and Lore Masters will be kept very busy preparing for these Seasonal Events, as they will bring new lore, new builds, and, of course, new quests!

On the other hand, the Monthly Events will run for about a month each and be used to celebrate the classic events, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentines, etc. Some Monthly Events may introduce new builds, though they will all have aptly themed quests and activities. Unlike the Seasonal Events, these events will all be Harry Potter themed, so “Christmas [won’t] be ruined by a Thanos invasion!” (Bradley Malvern). One things for sure, these details make me all the more excited for release!

While very little pictures of the builds are being photographed and published, I can say without a doubt that the builds are progressing at an exponential rate. Estelle Nordskov is pushing her build team hard to finish up the last bits of interior in the remaining four castles. At the rate they’re moving, I can easily see a release date earlier in Summer, rather than late Summer. As a final remark, I’d just like to give a massive shout-out of appreciation to the whole build team who have been working exceptionally hard over the past few months!