Issue 11 | July 31st, 1928
This month’s Monthly Rowling’s Realm dives into a load of interesting information that you may have missed during the month of July. Though, we aren't only covering the information this month, we are also getting a behind the scenes look at the Beta Testing along with an extremely exciting announcement.

Rowlings Realm has finally released the final trailer for the server, and everyone is even more excited. The trailer was created by our wonderful director, Charles, who has worked very hard on it. This trailer showed us several locations that will be featured on Rowling’s Realm so let's talk about a few of them. The trailer begins showing us shots of the Wizarding Wilderness and Grindelwald’s mansion. Both these locations will be fan favourites, especially for all those Grindelwald’s force fanatics out there. The Wizarding Wilderness will not be available upon opening but will be released in a later update. The trailer continues and shows us several cities, wizarding towns, and wizarding government agencies such as New York City, MACUSA, the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, Haellvik, Lieu Magique, and Paris. All of these locations look absolutely amazing and will feature tons of quests for you guys to do. We can’t wait to see what is in store for those locations.

Now we move into the next exciting part, the explorable schools! The schools shown include Castelobruxo, Mahoutokoro, and Uagadou. Once again we see the amazing work of the builders! These three schools will not be able to be attended, but will be explorable with lots of quests when they are released into the public in a future update. Next, we move into shots of the attendable schools and just wow. What can we say, we were blown away by them! We see shots of Hogwarts, Ilvermorny, Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and finally, Malvern School! This trailer has shown us what Rowling’s Realm has in store.
Now, the trailer didn’t just end with the schools, it ended with the opening date. That’s right, Rowling’s Realm will be opening its doors to the public on August 4th. We hope that each and every one of you will attend and see all the wonderful builds and lore.
A few days after the final trailer was released, on the 16th of July, the Head Staff kicked off with a Q&A livestream on RR’s youtube channel. The video is still available on youtube for those who weren’t able to make it. With that said, if you haven’t checked it out, it’s well worth watching as a lot of your questions could have been answered. Aside from the general Q&A, the Head Staff decided not only to offer us with some really exciting information based on the features that we can expect on Rowling’s Realm upon opening but also some details and plans for its future! Let’s dig right in with a summary about the main and most exciting details covered in the HS Q&A.
Classes are an integral part of the server and you will need to attend them to be able obtain Completion Credits (CC) which allow you to gain new spells which eventually leads to yearing up to graduation. Our head of Magical Gameplay, Niles discussed some of the general information about how classes will work. We also got a sneak peak on some of the stunning classrooms that we will be able to visit upon opening. Make sure to check out the livestream again if you want to hear more about what Niles had to say about classes while admiring the gorgeous classrooms that were showcased.
Something really exciting that was announced by our Head Developer Shoham was the different kinds of minigames that will be available in the future of Rowling’s Realm. He stated that all of the minigames that will be on the server are completely custom and will match the theme of Rowling’s Realm. Not only are they going to be fun but also rewarding as he also said that players who win will be rewarded with gold. One minigame that might catch your attention was “Niffler Wars” which is RR’s custom version of bedwars. How would that work? Shoham stated that, “Instead of using your sword to protect your bed you will be using a wand and spells to protect your Niffler.” Aside from this there will be a custom version of One in the Quiver and Murder Mystery each completely matching the Rowling’s Realm aesthetic.
Have you ever wondered what happens after you graduate? Alas, we have received some jaw-dropping information on a topic that a lot of us had been expecting which is professions. Bradley, along with Niles went in depth on the different professions that you can take after graduation. There are three unique career trees (Magical Biology, Innovation, and Advanced Magic) each with diversified professions that have different requirements and advantages. Right from the get go, you get to choose two branches and within the two branches you get to choose two careers in each! On that note, the two first careers will come for free with some costs from extra schooling. For the other two careers you will have to pay in order to start the journey and also for the extra schooling portions.
It is pretty amazing how in total you can have four careers as this allows you to fully customize your character and satisfy your needs when it comes to choosing your professions. To quickly summarize everything up you can completely decide what you want to do after graduation according to your aspiration and needs.

Get ready for the first event to ever be hosted on Rowling’s Realm! For this event, the RR team will take you deep into the Brazilian rainforest to none other than Castelobruxo. From the beautiful grounds, to the Mayan-styled school structures. You can expect nothing less than a whole lot of magic to start off the right way! Now you may think, what brings us to Castelobruxo for the beginning of our adventure? And what story line we may be kicking off here, well to know the answers to these, you’ll have to wait until the Official Rowling’s Realm release! We’ll see you in Brazil!

Everyone who was a part of the early access testing enjoyed exploring the wizarding world of Rowling’s Realm. The early access testers were ecstatic when they got on and saw the amazing realistic builds of our astonishing Build Team. One early access player said, “I loved the great hall of Ilvermorny and the builds were so detailed.” Many other people commented on how well detailed the builds were and they enjoyed playing with all the plugins added.
This beta access helped to remove most of the bugs found in the server. There was a little event that went on to help find these bugs. Whoever found the most bugs would be awarded with a cosmetic. The head staff have done a fantastic job at getting rid of all the bugs that were pointed out to make the experience a lot more exciting and fun for everyone. Niles, Head of Magical Gameplay, said, “The public pointed out that many things were glitchy or things that were broken. The early access helped us so we knew what to fix for the opening.”
Niles gave some quests to allow the early access players a more interactive experience with the server. The storylines for the quests were phenomenal and very successful. There were some problems, but those problems were fixed thanks to all of the beta testers who snuffed them out. In the end, the early access was an exceptional adventure for those who were able to participate in it.