Issue 13 | October 6th, 1928
The Monthly Rowling’s Realm
The Monthly Rowling’s Realm is here at last! This issue will discuss recent promotions, server progress, and the new process that Head Staff will be using to update the server, along with some new features and planned cosmetics! This issue may be a short one, but we’ll do our best to make it as enjoyable as possible!

Head Staff Promtion
Congratulations to Jordan, also known as ToBeContinued, on being promoted to Assistant to Head of the Build Team! Jordan was exceptionally well deserving of this role; he was always on top of his builds and always doing what he could to make the server better. Since his promotion, Jordan has been a fantastic help to Ashley in managing the builders, who have each put so much of their personal time and their effort into this server. He also helps to bring impressive, creative and unique ideas for future builds, that the public will all get to see later as updates continue. I’m sure we are all excited to see how Jordan goes about handling his new role, though if the past few weeks are any indication, I’m positive he’ll do fantastic!

Work in Progress
Rowling’s Realm is still in the beta phase, which means there are bound to be bugs and problems. Thankfully, the public has done a fantastic job at pointing out those bugs so we can fix them as soon as possible and continue moving forwards. There are always new things that are slowly being implemented, so patience is everything. As our server continues to move forwards, we know that there are things that will need to be addressed and fixed, these are being slowly worked away on as we speak. Do not fret, because when all is said and done, this server will be running more smoothly than ever before.
More About Updates
Let me start this article by stating that all the previously announced updates are still underway, and all their features will be coming to the server in the near future. However, instead of the features being separated into three main updates, Head Staff have decided to release each new completed feature as soon as it is finished. This is good news for the community, as it will mean you won’t have to wait longer than necessary for all the exciting new server developments that are currently underway!

Alleys and Villages
As mentioned in previous updates, Rowling’s Realm would be releasing builds systematically throughout the days. This part of the update was to remain unchanged as our Builders have been working nonstop to get some more areas for exploration! With no further ado, as this is being published, the Knockturn Alley equivalents are being released! There are three of them besides the one we all know, there’s Grisaund in France, Khoskra in Scandinavia, and Roanoke in the United States! Each of the three areas have their own story to tell, like Roanoke for example, named after what was believed to be the lost colony of North America, but what really happened there? Surely there is more than meets the eye for any of these locations, so be sure to check them out on Rowling’s Realm! There will be the hub for a variety of intricate stories and, of course, screenshots for you all to take!

Furthermore, aside from releasing the Knockturn Alley equivalents, the Head Staff have something else up their sleeve for the fall festivities! Certain areas around the map, such as the starter towns and villages, will be thematically decorated! Surely, it is a bit of a small cosmetic, but nonetheless something they’re working hard on! Like the Knockturn Alley equivalents, the Head Staff are holding immense anticipation for the screenshots to follow!
Skin Contest
It brings us great pleasure to aid the Head Staff in announcing that Rowling’s Realm will be hosting a Skin Contest! To really delve into the Halloween festivities, one of the primary categories will be Best Spook! This category applies to more of the horror theme behind a skin, so put your creativity to work and make your skins make RR tremble in fear! There will, of course, be another category: Best Dressed. A little more formal and generic in category, Best Dressed applies to skin detail and appearance. The general look of the skin can range from formal attire to a simple everyday look. Although, you’ll want to be as detailed as possible! Prizes for the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place) of each category will be announced in the news channel of the Rowling’s Realm Discord along with the assigned date in due time!

Website Updates
Since the drastic changes resulting from the changes in the Head Staff team over the past few months, the website has been in need of desperate updates in relation to our banners, our staff pages, and even our own specialized Lore stories specific to the Headmasters or Headmistresses in question! In the event that you have not seen already, the Head Staff are happy to reveal that the Staff Page has been updated to the current Head Staff Team! Furthermore, a little more obvious on the Home page, would be that our banner has changed to represent the current Head Staff as well!

Also, you may have guessed it, the Lore Pages have been updated for the following schools: Beauxbatons and Hogwarts! Obviously, these stories tell the tales and beginnings of the two Headmasters Elise Bellerive and Blaise Vanderbilt respectfully and how they fit into the intricate story that Rowling's Realm has set out for its Head Staff. If you train your eyes a bit towards the end of the Beauxbatons Lore, you will find a familiar name amongst it as well, that of our Assistant to Head of Realm Construction, Jordan and his role in the story! Definitely check out the Lore pages under the "Lore" tab on the website Home page and select the school you wish to read about! These announcements will also be published on our public discord under the #website-updates channel. So to stay up to date, join the server using the link on the Home page by clicking on the banner!