This Summer

Rowling’s Realm is still in development, but we miss playing Minecraft with our community. We have decided to open a separate server, a creative plot server. This server will act as a place for players to connect with each other and with staff. It will not be hosted on Rowling’s Realm, but on it’s own separate server.

On RR Plots, you'll have access to your own creative plot! On this plot you can build, have fun, and maybe even start a project with a group of some of your best friends! One can also create a huge house for maybe the occasional party or two! Although, don't get discouraged if you get tired of building, you'll also have access to complete a variety of quests that may end up being riddled throughout the server! Furthermore, the public may also access the occasional impromptu class hosted by a Professor! Overall, the goal of this server if for you and the community to have fun and enjoy waiting for the release of Rowling's Realm!

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